Oil Chemicals Contamination


Authors: N. Hurford, R.J. Law, T.W. Fileman, A.P. Payne, K. Colcomb-Heiliger




A sampling survey was carried out to measure the concentrations of certain chemicals which are discharged into the North Sea from chemical tankers following tank cleaning operations. The survey was carried out some 18 months after the implementation ofAnnex II of MARPOL and the results are compared with those obtained during a survey carried out before Annex II implementation.

The measured concentrations were found to be extremely low and in many cases were below the limits of detection of the analytical technique. No evidence has been found to suggest that the North Sea needs to be declared a ‘Special Area’ for the purposes of Annex II. If chemical tankers comply with the provisions of Annex II, harmful concentrations of chemicals should not arise in the North Sea as a result of tank washing discharges.


Source: sciencedirect.com