3rd oil, gas and petrochemical conference

The 3rd International Conference & Exhibition of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical was held on December 13, 2015. Jondishapour attended in this conference as an EPC contractor. 


The conference aim was mainly the exchange of experience and knowledge of different researchers from industry, universities and scientific research institutions around the world to enhance scientific collaboration and was intended to be held at highest international standards.

The exhibition was held at the Forum’s venue to build a face to face presentation and promotion of products, services and abilities of the active and effective companies in the Oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Just to do business.

Aims and Scope of the conference:

1. Providing a basis for transfer of new and innovative industrial and academic knowledge and experience in the petroleum industry (Drilling, exploration, reservoir engineering, production engineering, etc)
2. Getting acquainted with the latest scientific, industrial and latest methods of research in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries
3. Making an attempt to improve education in fields related to Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals
4. More interaction between professional forces of Academic and industry organizations
5. Enhancement of knowledge of oil refining industries to academics and industry experts

Conference themes: 


Well Structure

1. Well Design
2. The design of the wall tube
3. Drill Select
4. Drill Leg
5. Drilling in the gas cap
6. Directional Drilling – Horizontal
7. MWD tool
8. LWD tool
9. Logging
10. Rock Mechanics
11. Well wall stability
12. Statistics Usage for drilling and wells repair
13. Wellhead Equipment
14. Drilling with lasers
15. And other related topics


Drilling Fluids

1. Water based mud
2. Oil base mud
3. Solids control
4. Well completion fluids
5. Spotting fluid
6. Drilling Fluids Testing
7. Rheology and hydraulics of Drilling fluid
8. Nanotechnology in Drilling
9. And other related topics


Well Cementing

1. Chemistry of Cement
2. Cement additives and mechanism of action
3. Rheology of Cement
4. Special Systems of Cement
5. Removal of mud cake
6. Gas permeability in cement
7. Cementing equipment
8. Design, cementing operations
9. Cement Hydraulics and related topics


Exploitation Engineering

1. Hydraulic gaps
2. Fluid Injection
3. Utilization Optimize
4. Experimental studies on Asphaltene precipitation and Wicks
5. Application of Artificial Intelligence
6. Gas hydrates, prevention and resolution
7. And Other related topics


Exploration Engineering and Geology

1. Three-dimensional and four-dimensional Seismography
2. New methods for exploration of hydrocarbon reservoirs
3. Methods and applications of remote sensing, GIS
4. Mechanical effects of reservoir rock in hydrocarbon reservoirs
5. The role of geochemistry in petroleum exploration
6. Exploration of Marine Fields
7. And other related topics



1. Reservoir Modeling
2. Management and protection of reservoirs
3. How to increase the recovery
4. Reservoirs enhanced recovery
5. Controlling reservoir damage
6. Reservoir evaluation
7. Management of reservoirs in the onshore and offshore terminals
8. Sedimentation Management and corrosion inhibition in reservoirs
9. Strategies for reservoir sweep
10. Financing of the reservoirs project
11. Planning, operation and repaire in reservoirs
12. Geological modeling
13. Non-recoverable reservoirs
14. Optimization and identification of reservoirs
15. Storage methods
16. Evaluation of reservoir fluid behavior
17. Nanotechnology in reservoirs
18. Geology
19. And other related topics


Transmission and Storage

1. Oil and hydrocarbon storage amidst the rock
2. Gas and hydrocarbon storage amidst the salt
3. Cover Storage
4. No covered storage
5. Water curtain, design and implementation
6. Identification and selection of storage sites
7. Type of storage fluid and storage conditions
8. The phenomenon of creep and salt creep laboratory testing
9. And other related topics


Downstream Industries

1. Energy, combustion and safety
2. Transfer Phenomena
3. Thermodynamics
4. Kinetics and Reactor Design
5. Separation Processes
6. Modeling and Simulation
7. Engineering and Process Control
8. Polymer Engineering
9. Lubricants
10. Industrial furnaces
11. Feller gas separation and returning it to the industry
12. Corrosion
13. Catalyst
14. Economic Management in Oil and Gas Industry
15. Nanotechnology in chemical engineering
16. HSE
17. Gas sweetening
18. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
19. Bitumen
20. Welding and non-destructive testing in the oil, gas and petrochemical
21. Environment management in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
22. Combustion
23. Color and Insulation
24. Repairs and Maintenance
25. LPG
26. Gasoline
27. Kerosene
28. Gas oil
29. Fuel oil
30. And other related topics


1. Value chain aspects of Iran’s petrochemical industry
2. Introducing Iran’s petrochemical special zones and parks: venues of choice for investment
3. Investment opportunities in Iranian petrochemical industry
4. Advanced petrochemical technologies
5. Petrochemical development trends (Iran & Asia)
6. Worldwide trends & impacts of privatization in petrochemical industry
7. Feedstock, production and marketing of petrochemicals
8. Future of integrated petro- refinery, multipurpose and flexible plans
9. Outlook of SMEs in petrochemical industry
10. Innovation and optimization in petrochemical plants (Energy, Capacity)
11. Products qualification & certification trends (REACH, …)
12. Supply chain & logistic manager in petrochemical industry
13. World economic crisis, sanctions and petrochemical industry