Partnership Management


At Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company, we believe our ability to compete in the global market improves when our partners prosper. Bearing that in mind, we are committed to strengthening our relationships with our partners through various support programs.


Chosen for their expertise, capacity, management transparency, and commitment to the environment, Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company's ever-expanding partner network consists of the world's leading engineering design firms, vendors, and subcontractors. Although these firms have been selected for the services they perform, we see our relationship as more than merely transactional.


EPC Contractor Partnership Management

We strive to create more transparent and equal partnerships in accordance with the principle of shared growth and fair trade. Therefore, we have adopted a set of policies that govern employee conduct during certain important corporate activities such as corporate partner interactions and subcontractor labor negotiations. 

To ensure good business conduct, effective communication, and dedication to collaborative partnership, JSC has developed management systems that encourage shared growth. Always looking for opportunities to expand into new markets with new corporate partners, JSC is aware of the complexities that come with any new business relationship, so we provide our partners with educational resources as well as financial and technical support.