Industrial Facilities


JSC offers ‘one point of contact’ service to large businesses and enterprise as ably as we provide localized service to smaller operations. Our objective is to build partnerships with our clients to help them improve operations, reduce their environmental liabilities and enhance their ability to operate in the marketplace.


JSC has an exemplary track record in serving clients in the commercial, financial and legal community as well as manufacturing and industrial clients. Our compliance and due diligence services and our knowledge of regulatory environments help our clients meet their particular challenges across North America and around the globe. Our international network of offices positions us to ably serve the needs of multi-facility clients.


EPC Contractor Industrial Facilities Activities

JSC's risk-based approach to environmental liability assessment and management enables the provision of cost-effective solutions directed at satisfying our clients' site-specific needs. Our objective is to build partnerships with our clients to reduce their liabilities and add value to their bottom line.
From site feasibility studies to decommissioning and remediation projects, JSC is focused on delivering high quality service, while minimizing disruption to clients' operations.
JSC offers a whole world of technical expertise to serve the commercial and industrial clients, covering the entire range of geotechnical, environmental, materials and water resources consulting services.