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Conceptual Design


To provide the best technological solution to a client’s specific needs at optimized cost, Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company's involvement in a project begins at the conceptual design phase.

Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company has consistently recognized the development and use of modeling tools as a key for success and implementation of optimal solutions that satisfy its client’s requirements.


Conceptual Design in EPC Contractor Company


Modeling and Development


Based on this long term experience and backed by numerous industrial references and feedback from operating plants, Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company offers to its clients its experience in the use of commercially available software, but also in-house developed modeling tools for all aspects of Plant design.

With hundreds of references in the application of technologies proposed by most of the major Licensors, Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company has acquired an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a wide range of processes in refining, gas treatment and liquefaction, syngas and fertilizers, petrochemicals etc.

Thanks to long-term relationships with major oil & gas companies, Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company has established strong partnerships, participating in the development of their own proprietary technologies and the elaboration of conceptual packages.


CFD Modelling in EPC Contractor




Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company has experience in a broad range of engineering assignments, from Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) to basic and detailed engineering. The company uses proven processes and collaboration tools to develop innovative solutions to difficult problems quickly and efficiently.

After the conception design phase and feasibility studies a project enters the engineer phase during which engineering studies which may include, according to the type of project:

All these types of engineering studies are covered and fully managed within Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company.

According to the nature of a project, engineering studies will include all or part of the following steps.

Basic Engineering Design (BED):

Generally speaking, all the basic studies required to support a Basic Engineering Design Package (BEDP) containing all data needed by a competent contractor to perform the Detail Engineering. These basic engineering studies may consist of consolidating a Process Package initiated by an external process licensor.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED):

Generally, all the studies to be performed before ordering the main equipment are covered here.

Detailed Engineering:


Engineering as an EPC Contractor




Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company International Procurement Office is committed to promoting a culture of shared prosperity at all levels of its procurement chain. By selecting only the most competitive vendors, equitable contracts and reliable delivery systems, we are able to dependably provide the highest quality products to our clients.

Procurement at Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company is managed by a force of approximately 500 individuals assigned to project task forces. They are in charge of sourcing new suppliers, buying, expediting orders, inspecting the manufacturing of equipment and bulk material as well as organizing delivery and logistics.

Each project team has the ownership of its budget and delivery and is supported by the expertise and processes of the Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company operating center it is attached to. All protect teams are bound by common Group policies and code of ethics.

At the Group level, Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company’s Global Procurement organization is responsible for the coherence of procurement policies and strategies across the Group as well as the dissemination of market intelligence and trends.

Mission of Procurement Group:


Procurement as an EPC Contractor




Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company’s leading priorities are on-time delivery, safety, and quality. To accomplish these goals, Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company employs the most up-to-date construction techniques and manages material delivery schedules constantly. The process of efficiently coordinating millions of incident-free man-hours requires a large on-site construction presence, so Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company supplies every project with a dedicated field director and a team of engineers.

Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company has unique expertise in the management of simultaneous mega-projects.  Sharp methods and processes enable us to deliver projects to customer satisfaction and the highest standards in Safety and Quality.

Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company provides total construction management services at site including selection of construction contractors, warehouse management, material control, quality control/quality assurance (QA/QC), process monitoring & scheduling, review of heavy erection schemes, HSE management, waste and disposal handling, and etc. Depending on client’s need, JSC takes total site responsibility from survey & soil investigation to mechanical completion & assistance in commissioning, either in Management Contractor (MC) structure, or presenting an independent construction company with full coverage of JSC’s management.

Use of modern and proven techniques, innovative construction procedures, emphasis on QA/QC are some of the hallmarks based on our formal routings which will be possible for Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company to reduce construction time of projects considering work is done at highest potential of quality.


Construction as an EPC Contractor




Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company is committed to producing exceptionally reliable plants that meet or surpass out clients’ exacting standards of operational output. To guarantee that each facility will run smoothly once it comes online, the project team utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to test the mechanical processes of the plant as well as to analyze the quality and purity of the output stream.

Commissioning & Start-Up is the last visible step of a project execution process. It moves the project from the “end of construction” to the “commercial operation” status. This phase covers initial and primary dynamic tests, including guarantee performance tests.

Initiated right from the beginning of design phase, Commissioning & Start-Up activity aims to validate the construction integrity and confirms that the facilities are delivered in a safe, reliable and operational condition for a complete customer satisfaction.


Commissioning as an EPC Contractor


Execution in a planned and controlled manner

Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company executes the Commissioning and Start-Up services in a planned, controlled and quantified manner with the safety of his employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors as a primary objective.


Technology expertise

Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company proposes some additional services to his customers, such as operation training, maintenance and technology expertise.


Competent and motivated team

The Commissioning and Start-Up services could not be achieved without the complete involvement of a competent and motivated team, made of women and men from various nationalities, taking up the same objective and challenge.


Operation & Maintenance

Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company offers a variety of flexible commercial and business models with the aim of extending asset life through enhanced production, recovery and reduced operating costs.


Asset support

Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company’s asset support business provides comprehensive specialist shutdown/overhaul, maintenance, M&E (Mechanical & Electrical) construction, tankage and special engineering services.


Production operations

Our oil and gas team offer related value adding services, including: production and maintenance optimization; asset integrity management; asset transfer services; and life-of-asset strategies.


Production optimization

Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company’s expertise enables clients to maximize the capacity, up-time and efficiency of oil and gas assets from concept to operations whilst improving their economic, safety and environmental performance. This process capability is supported by a range of software systems which are geared to enhance asset value for clients, both large and small.


Duty Holder

As a Duty Holder, Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company operates and maintains the infrastructure, both offshore and on and works with the client to develop the type of organization and support required to meet their business needs. JSC also programmer manage and plan all activities associated with operating, maintaining, managing integrity and development projects and upgrades associated with the assets. Onshore our support, in addition to O&M, includes integrity & engineering, programmer planning, supply chain management, logistics and commercial.