Jondishapour People


Our people are our biggest asset. Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company has a friendly, committed and efficient team of staff. Through its staffs' care and growth philosophy, Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company attracts and retains the most expert personnel in the field. This in turn retains expertise and ensures consistency and quality, the cornerstones of good customer satisfaction.


EPC Contractor Staff and Personnel

      As part of Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company's care philosophy, safety is not negotiable. Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company works hard to create the safest practical environment within which its staffs work. Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company expertise consists of areas of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation, and has long years of experience in their particular field. Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company's systems ensure that its staffs are successful, but it continually challenges them to improve further. Jondishapour EPC Contractor Company knowledge management system ensures it captures past learning for the benefit of future staff.