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North Yaran Oilfield Cluster

YARAN oilfield is situated 120 km south west of Ahvaz and west of south AZADEGAN oilfield, bordering the state of Iraq where much of this oilfield is situated.

The dimension agreed for development of this field is 180 km*3km. This field stands in the proximity of south AZADEGAN oilfield near JOFEIR and YADAVARAN fields.


For the purpose of daily production increase in this field, especially the common fields shared with neighboring countries, a development task force under the name (NORTH YARAN OILFIELD DEV) has been created by the National Iranian Oil Company for preparing a comprehensive plan for daily production increase.


North Yaran Oil Cluster


The scope of work for the development plan consists of:


Oil Cluster project installation proximity consists of the following:


​Jondishapour is working as an EPC contractor in this project.