President Message


Jondishapour name has come from the ebullient center of Persian thoughts seventeen centuries ago when Khosro the great with his participation and incentive to the scientific community helped the scientists and rulers overcome many scientific problems of that era.


Apart from medicine, there were many discussions in different studies such as philosophy, mathematics and astronomy at that period of time when talents were flourished.


Although many library books were burned as fuel for old baths, the thoughts and teachings were transmitted generation to generation until reaching our time when Jondishapour EPC Company has used them as its principles.


Our determination is building and not fearing in this time of competition between the nations and in the time of economic and technological wanderer.


We have taken measures that young talents can feel they are capable of performing and experiencing in different fields of science and industry, and that is why Jondishapour EPC Company is proud to be the first company in Iran who was able to achieve eleven first grade certificates in different fields of industry .


All this achievements have determined us to build a new college and research facility for young talents that could bring us new discoveries and inventions useful to our nation and the entire humanity.